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Known for it's vibrant colors, durability, and affordability, screen printing is our most popular imprint method. As its name suggests, actual screens are used in a stencil type method to make the artwork come to life.
Because individual and size specific screens need to be created for each color of a screen printed design, it is often times more cost effective to order a larger quantity of items with this method, versus just a few at a time. 


 In the process of embroidering, thread is stitched into your custom product. Some of the most common items that embroidery is used for are: corporate wear, caps, golf shirts, and jackets. With embroidery you can create a more professional look which will last longer than the inks and vinyls used for other methods. 


When using the heat transfer printing method, custom designs are applied to items  through a process that uses a combination of heat and pressure. The most common kinds of transfers are vinyl heat transfer and digital print heat transfer. 

This method is most cost effective when using detailed artwork or placing orders in small quantities. 

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